If you have visited one of our secure fields and had a positive experience, please consider leaving us a review here

If we fell short of your expectations in some way then please contact us and let us know what we could have done better.

Thank You:)



We visited this afternoon and wanted to email to say thank you. 
None of us had visited a secure field before and were very surprised with such a lovely set up and field. 
Look forward to visiting again. 


We went to the Strawberry Field today at 1130. My dogs had an amazing time. Usually the one that’s nearly 13 takes herself back to the car but today she was bouncing about for the full time. Hoping to book again soon.

Many thanks


We visited Strawberry field today and of all the secure fields we’ve been to around Reigate Redhill horley and many others this was by far the best field we’ve been to. 
It’s an amazing size, with fantastic facilities such as benches and shelters. Great access and enrichment like the tunnels and all the logs is absolutely perfect! All of this in a beautiful location too 😀
I want to also say a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to come with my dogs and my nieces 3 to come. We have 2 reactive dogs in our family and using secure fields is something that we really feel is necessary so we can provide the exercise, mental stimulation and social playtime with the only other dogs in the family that they’re comfortable with as with reactive dogs they don’t always get that time with other dogs especially when strange dogs can be so frightening to them. For them to be able go somewhere secure to sniff and decompress is so vital with reactive / nervous dogs and we are so grateful you allowed us to bring multiple dogs because this means me and my family, along with our elderly mum and her senior dogs can all be together in a safe environment and we can also be together as a family.  L.N.


Wow, our first go in the Poplar field this morning did not disappoint! Fantastic, we didn’t even need a ball thrower, the dogs just RAN….and ran….and ran. And the wind in the poplar trees was awesome.



Just a quick email to say WOW – well done! The Poplar field is a FANTASTIC addition and as always so well done by you guys. Dogs are loving it – we were so lucky to get a last minute slot on opening day!

Look forward to many more walks in this one – the dogs are particularly enjoying the tree line and the ditch!

Thank you,


Hello Charlie,
We just tried out your tea room field. It was amazing to just let A run wild and enjoy herself with absolutely no stress, worries or concerns about roads, other dogs, other distractions etc.
R & C
Good afternoon 
I have had two recent bookings (Strawberry Field) for our new rescue GSD, who is a very (fear based) dog reactive young man. 
It has been extremely difficult to give him the free exercise he needs locally, and I was unable to find anywhere to take him – until I discovered your facilities. 
It’s an hour’s drive from where we live, but oh so worth it. The sheer joy on his face, and the freedom to run and explore!
I was able to bring my daughters earlier this week, and they and Bear had the best time together. Bear also got really excited when he realised where we were going!
He is going into residential behaviour modification for a few weeks, but I will definitely be bringing him back (when I can get bookings!), irrespective of any ongoing improvement in reactivity. 
I just want to say a huge thank you for the facility you provide. To have a safe, secure and affordable space for dogs like Bear to experience the freedom and exercise they deserve is fantastic. 
Thank you so much, and look forward to visiting again sometime soon!
Best wishes 
J and B 

 Hi Charlie,

What an amazing facility! The field is fantastic; you’ve clearly put a tonne of thought into the design, enrichment for dogs, safety etc…
We were so impressed and the dogs loved every minute of it.
Thank you so much, we can’t wait for Friday’s booking and will be booking regularly from now on. Thanks again. Nina

Hi Charlie,

Just wanted to say we took Bowie (our massive German Shepherd) to the Tea Room field today. he absolutely loved it. It was great to play with him without any lead on him in such a large open space and we all thought it was really great. Very much enjoyed the ‘animal herb’ garden and learnt a lot from that as well.  Looking forward to our next visit.
We will certainly recommending this to our friends. C.G.

Hi Charlie,

Just wanted to share with you our experience in the sensory garden. I’ve not heard of sensory gardens for dogs before, and was reading the panels, when I looked round ‘S’ had dropped his kong by the side of what I later discovered was marigolds (through a what’s this plant app).
We lost our older shepherds a couple of weeks ago and I think Sasha has been  missing her as she was such a stong character. He’s done the same thing every day this week when we’ve visited, dropped his kong had a sniff around just the marigolds (doesn’t seem bothered by the other plants), then picks up his kong to go off and play. 
He’s definitely been a bit more playful this week and hopefully getting his confidence back, and whether that’s because of the plants or just the time passing I don’t know but I’d like to think its helped him and brought him (us) some comfort so thank you 🙏 J.D.