About Us

Formerly a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm Carewell has diversified as times and needs have changed.

Our dog fields are fully fenced with a 6ft galvanised mesh gate and 6ft galvanised deer fencing with rabbit wire secured on the lower half and dug in around the base. They also have an automatic mains water trough and hose. Every field has the facility to drive into, and park on hard standing, then to ‘release’ your dogs, directly from the car.

We would urge you to read the Terms & Conditions paying particular attention to CLOSING every FIELD GATE and collecting POO!

The Tea Room Field

At just over 3 acres and the original ‘Tea Room’ (where once you could buy refreshments as you paid for the strawberries you hadn’t eaten!) there are oak trees, a shelter, shade, picnic benches, agility jumps, weaving poles, 2 tunnels and a log pile. Plenty for dogs to explore.

The Strawberry Field  

Just under 4 acres there are no strawberries left today but instead we have created a bank with 3 tunnels, suitable for dogs and children (and grown ups!) Along with the agility jumps, weaving poles, picnic tables, field shelter, a log pile and a newly planted wood and copse there is also plenty of peaceful running space and ‘Woodhenge”. 

The Poplar Field  

At just over 7 acres this field is double the size of the other fields. The Poplars were originally planted as a wind and disease break to protect the fruit and now line and separate two fields. With a field drainage ditch too this field could be ‘Double Trouble’ or the most ‘popular’ yet! Along with the tunnels, agility jumps, weaving poles, field shelter, picnic tables, a log pile and a newly planted wood and copse there is also a circular walk and shower tray!!