Welcome to our secure dog fields at Carewell Farm, St Pier’s Lane, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6PN.


6th Jan 2024 – XL Bully Update!!!!!!!!

Thrilled to announce that our insurers have confirmed that with a few additions to the T’s & C’s XL Bullies will be able to use the secure fields and run off lead and without muzzle.

If you own an XL Bully you MUST read the updated T’s & C’s please.


26th Nov 2023 – GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!

*********************************************************************************** We are pleased to announce that we have been joined at Carewell Canines by husband and wife team, Neal & Louise, from Surrey and South London Dog Training and Behaviour. 

Please do check out the Training Arena for all the courses they offer.


Each available at £9 per hour and subject to Terms & Conditions.

Our aim

It is simply to provide an affordable and accessible resolution for walking dogs in a safe and secure environment.

We recognise that dogs like the freedom to run and enjoy sniffs and smells but maybe sometimes don’t want to go home or deal with others! (I am the owner of one such ‘complicated’ collie!)

Our Location